Gobo (Burdock) root recipe-kinpira gobo



When I was on the Jazzy-Vegetarian show hosted by Ms Laura Theodore, we talked about Gobo root, and I decided to introduce my favorite prebiotic rich Gobo root recipe!  Kinpira gobo is a very popular home cooking dish.  This version is a sugar free version, just using its natural sweet flavor that comes out with low temperature, slow cooking.

Gobo root prep tip:  You can wash using brush/ when cutting the surface color turns dark, but do not soak in water to prevent it. The dark color change is due to chlorogenic acid (antioxidant). We do not wish to eliminate it! (some old japanese cooking book may tell you to soak in the water to remove this, but don’t!)


(1) wash and cut gobo root as above

(2)with very scant amount of canola oil and put on low heat.

(3) add gobo root in the pan and put several spoonful of water and cover the lid and steam cook with low temp

(4)cook for about 5-10 min. depending on how my you put in a pan. test gobo, and if it is still chewy but one

(5)add shredded carrots, put the lid on and cook few more minutes



(6) add ground sesame seeds and ground ginger. you can also add few sprays of liquid amino to optimize the taste



Inulin is the major gobo root nutrients that our intestine healthy bacteria loves. This is the chewy substance in Gobo root!

Do not scrape off the skin too much!  the tastiness of the gobo is right below the skin!!



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