Green Tea- my favorite tips!

Thank you very much !!  I just had a wonderful time chatting about Asian Superfood with JazzyVegetarian radio host/ jazz singer Ms Laura Theodore!

As I promised, I am posting additional information about green tea.

(1) Always drink tea from quality organic tea leaf (tea from tea leaf is much more nutritious, and you don’t have to worry about leaching chemicals from tea bags or high sugar low nutrients from retail bottled tea)

(2) Enjoy from start to end: my personal tea ideas are

Enjoy high quality leaf

First, enjoy low temp infusion so you get nice and relax with L-theanine rich sweetness of the tea (122 degree 2-3 min infusion)

Then, you infuse with higher temp to enjoy EGCG (Epigallocatechin callate)-powerful anti-cancer slightly bitter taste (170 degree), great thing

to do at this step is to add a slice of lemon or lime. I love lime. The tea taste very sophisticated with a twist of lime!

Do not discard the leaves after infusion. They are a perfect salad veggie!  There are still remaining nutrients!!!
I just simply add my favorite salad dressing and eat the tea leaf! Yum!!
My favorite dressing that goes with the tea is “Makoto sauce”
Super delicious!!

Here are the links to quality, organic online tea shops!

Gyokuro: highest grade green tea with bright green color with sweet flavor of L-theanine:

Here is one from Kagoshima, my favorite tea province in Japan located at the southern edge of the mainland Japan:

Another great one is Kuki-cha, a stem tea with great nutrients balance:

(3) I just wish to show my personal favorite that I buy from Nijiya super market in San Diego.

High grade leaf rich with L-theanine ( relaxing substance in the tea)!


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