Tomorrow is my debut : Album Release Concert!

Aloha!  Happy Saturday!

Tomorrow will be a BIG day for me!  I will celebrate my album release concert!  as I posted on my website, featured in the show are amazing members! I worked with them last two years to craft my gem, ‘Swingin’ to the Sea”.

This will be my first concert that I will do the whole show myself, and I wish to share this to everyone.  The first time is very special. Starting from scratch and working to leader concert takes lots of work, but I did what I can.

PRACTICE, PERFORM, PROMOTE are the core of it, but more importantly, physical and mental preparedness is very important.

Jazz is a special genre of music. It has freedom of improvisation and it features everyone with their solos, and the music flows as we perform. We have basic arrangement, but the roadmap is primarily only chord and melody. Musicians listen to each other, play off of each other as they move along. There are moments everyone gets suddenly quiet together and there will be spontaneous magical moment can happen on the stage as a result of musical communication.

I am a little anxious as I do not have any intermediate experience. My first concert on the big stage will be with world class jazz artists and my mentors. My responsibility here is to learn and digest the arrangement, including chord, scale, rhythm, and how to deliver the message of the song and paint the picture of my interpretations. In my solo, I wish to develop the idea out of the momental inspiration and utilize the theoretical component of jazz and yet, freely say what I feel. I have been working on it last 2 years, and in my own level, it is now presentable.

When you listen to Ella, Sarah, and so many amazing jazz singers, they sounds so free, fun, and natural. Their musical ears and ability to pick up the right notes are so advance to the level that they can just do it effortlessly. I believe it is a combination of their genius level natural talent as well as experience and practice behind the scene.
My project is moving along!!  I was top 19th on wk of 6/2-6/8 at WUMR Memphis jazz station.  I also found ‘Roots music report’ on line, and found that I was 363th place last wk, but this wk I moved up to 288th.

It is hard to get the name out first time. I am doing what I can to move my project and my promotion team is working with me. I am learning a lot from this new experience and challenge and I am enjoying my musical journey, and more importantly, I look forward to seeing my friends and future fans at the concert!!

いよいよ明日、デビューALBUMリリースコンサートです! 6月23日、カールズバッドのシティーライブラリーの Ruby G, Schulman auditorium で午後2時半開場、3時開演です。




女性ジャズボーカル、とくに新人はプロモーションは難航するといわれていますが、わたしのALBUM、少しずつ頑張っています。メンフィスのWUMR Memphisでは、6月2−8日の週で19位にランクされました!奇跡的な一瞬でした。グーグルしてみつけたルーツミュージックっていうサイトでは先週363位でしたが、今週は288位になりました。トップ50とはまだほど遠いですが、でも作品を信じてパフォーマンスを続けていきたいです。

明日はその初めてのコンサート! 心をオープンにして、楽しく歌い、聴きにきてくださった皆様とお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。





One thought on “Tomorrow is my debut : Album Release Concert!

  1. Purnell先生、 本当に本当に行きたかったのですが、今晩からフロリダ、バハマ・クルーズに家族旅行に出かけますので聞きに行けません。 本当に残念です。友人に先生のコンサートのことを話し、もし、会場で先生のCDが手にはいるようでしたら、 でひとも、購入してきてくれるように頼みました。 先生のコンサートの大成功を心よりお祈りしております!!!

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