Passed the Family Practice Board Recertification Exam!!

The last few months have been crazy for me. As I work, I was working on the final touch of the debut album, and was studying for my Family Practice Board Recertification Exam. Yesterday, I found that I passed the exam with very good score, especially I did well on topics related to my day to day patient care!  It is a blessing. Every patient I see gives me opportunity to serve and to learn!

I plan to continue practicing both medicine and music. I had a ” calling ” when I first decided to become a doctor, and I feel that this board certification and license to practice are given by greater power, and I do not take it lightly. This is the work that was given to me.

I just finished organizing all the charts for the concert!  Will start preparing for my debut concert!

Action-packed everyday!!



今日はポケベル当直終了! さっき仕事から帰って6月23日のデビューコンサートの楽譜をすべて綺麗に用意しました。 これから本格的な準備に入ります! レコーディングの時、アルバムを仕上げる段階で見つけた自分の新たな課題に取り組みます!来てくださる皆様に爽やかでハッピーな気持ちになっていただけるように心をこめて準備します!!



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