Secret of Green Tea


Since, I am a healthy eating guru from Asia, I wish to talk a little about our super healthy drink, green tea today.

I start my morning with a cup of quality green tea. It wakes me up gently and also makes me feel so relaxed.  Green tea came from china around early 800s and became popular among Samurais and nobilities in 1300s. Green tea has over 700 chemical such as Catechins, L-theanine, Saponin, and Chlorophils. It has anti-cancer and anti- inflammatory effect. It also lowers BP and cholesterol. It also aids relaxation. Two major flavors in the green tea are sweetness and bitterness. Sweetness comes from L-theanine and bitterness comes from catechin, saponin and caffeine.  L-theanine is more abundant in grade tea such as Gyokuro, Maccha, and Tencha(leave version of Maccha). Tea farmers make shades about 3 weeks prior to harvest to increase the level of L-theanine to make high grade tea leaves sweet and smooth. L-theanine passes Blood brain Barrier ( which means it goes to your brain) and lead you to relaxed, alert, and yet calm state of mind. Since L-theanine infuses more in lower temperature, I usually make my morning tea with about 122 degree ( 50 centigrade degree) and enjoy sweet flavor with bright green color first, then pour higher temperature water for second infusion to enjoy slightly bitter-taste of Catechin, Saponin, and Caffeine which infuses in about 170 degree ( 80 centigrade degree).  I also begin putting lemon or lime in the second to third infusion to enjoy different flavor.  When I really need warmth and energy, I drop few pieces of chopped ginger in it.

I put my green tea in my thermo and take it to my work every morning.  My favorite is Green tea with lime.  When I initially tried these combo, I was so surprised how each flavors compliment perfectly. If you never tried this way, you should!  Green tea with lime has very sophisticated taste..





みなさんも試してみてくださいね!!! おすすめです!greentea







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