Gobo (Burdock) root recipe-kinpira gobo



When I was on the Jazzy-Vegetarian show hosted by Ms Laura Theodore, we talked about Gobo root, and I decided to introduce my favorite prebiotic rich Gobo root recipe!  Kinpira gobo is a very popular home cooking dish.  This version is a sugar free version, just using its natural sweet flavor that comes out with low temperature, slow cooking.

Gobo root prep tip:  You can wash using brush/ when cutting the surface color turns dark, but do not soak in water to prevent it. The dark color change is due to chlorogenic acid (antioxidant). We do not wish to eliminate it! (some old japanese cooking book may tell you to soak in the water to remove this, but don’t!)


(1) wash and cut gobo root as above

(2)with very scant amount of canola oil and put on low heat.

(3) add gobo root in the pan and put several spoonful of water and cover the lid and steam cook with low temp

(4)cook for about 5-10 min. depending on how my you put in a pan. test gobo, and if it is still chewy but one

(5)add shredded carrots, put the lid on and cook few more minutes



(6) add ground sesame seeds and ground ginger. you can also add few sprays of liquid amino to optimize the taste



Inulin is the major gobo root nutrients that our intestine healthy bacteria loves. This is the chewy substance in Gobo root!

Do not scrape off the skin too much!  the tastiness of the gobo is right below the skin!!



Green Tea- my favorite tips!

Thank you very much !!  I just had a wonderful time chatting about Asian Superfood with JazzyVegetarian radio host/ jazz singer Ms Laura Theodore!

As I promised, I am posting additional information about green tea.

(1) Always drink tea from quality organic tea leaf (tea from tea leaf is much more nutritious, and you don’t have to worry about leaching chemicals from tea bags or high sugar low nutrients from retail bottled tea)

(2) Enjoy from start to end: my personal tea ideas are

Enjoy high quality leaf

First, enjoy low temp infusion so you get nice and relax with L-theanine rich sweetness of the tea (122 degree 2-3 min infusion)

Then, you infuse with higher temp to enjoy EGCG (Epigallocatechin callate)-powerful anti-cancer slightly bitter taste (170 degree), great thing

to do at this step is to add a slice of lemon or lime. I love lime. The tea taste very sophisticated with a twist of lime!

Do not discard the leaves after infusion. They are a perfect salad veggie!  There are still remaining nutrients!!!
I just simply add my favorite salad dressing and eat the tea leaf! Yum!!
My favorite dressing that goes with the tea is “Makoto sauce”
Super delicious!!

Here are the links to quality, organic online tea shops!

Gyokuro: highest grade green tea with bright green color with sweet flavor of L-theanine:


Here is one from Kagoshima, my favorite tea province in Japan located at the southern edge of the mainland Japan:


Another great one is Kuki-cha, a stem tea with great nutrients balance:


(3) I just wish to show my personal favorite that I buy from Nijiya super market in San Diego.


High grade leaf rich with L-theanine ( relaxing substance in the tea)!

My debut album ‘Swingin’ to the Sea’ is now chart-bound!!

Big News!!!

My debut album ‘Swingin’ to the Sea” is now chart -bound at Jazz Week.  Jazz Week is the major ranking chart of the world of Jazz in the United States!  Getting on top 50 is goals of many Jazz artists!!   As of 6/27/13, I am now chart-bound #3, which means with three more people, and 9 more spins, and I will be in the top 50!!!

Thank you very much for your support!!!  I am very excited!!! I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for the best as I continue to work hard to provide quality care and quality music!!!


ビッグニュースです!! 本日6月27日現在で、全米の最も主要なJazz Weekのジャズチャートで、チャートバウンドに入っています。本日53位にランクしており、50位に入るとチャートインになります! アメリカのジャズアーティストたちはみな、このチャートに入ることを一つの目標にして頑張っています。良質の医療と音楽を提供するために頑張りながら、ベストを尽くして作成したデビューALBUMの健闘を見守っています。皆様のサポートに感謝します!!




Thank you very much for your warm support!!!

A day later, I still cannot overcome how wonderful I feel.  I wish to thank everyone who came and supported me on my debut concert!! Your energy, kindness, and love are my treasure!!!  There were 211 seats, and I though it would be plenty, but it was completely packed and some people had to stand at the back. I am sorry… and I really thank all of you!!  When everyone gave us standing ovation, I almost cried… I wish to thank my amazing mentors and band as well.  A friend of mine told me that after the show, on their way home, my song was played on the radio!! That is soo cool!!!   I am so lucky that I have you, a quality fans!!!  Thank you soo much!!  My next goal is to organize or participate events such as cancer prevention research funding event. I wish to contribute and support as a physician and a jazz artist!photo-4

一日あけても、昨日の興奮がまださめません。まずはコンサートに来ていただいた皆様に感謝します! 皆様のエネルギー、やさしさ、ラブは私の宝物です。211席あったので、まだ知名度ゼロからの出発のわたしのコンサートには十分だと思っていましたが、満席になり、立ち見で聴いてくださった方達もおられました。すみません。本当にありがとうございます。そして最後にスタンディングオベーションしてくださった時には涙がでそうになりました。わたしの素晴しいメンター、バンド、全てに感謝します。 ところで友人がコンサートの帰りに車の中でラジオからわたしの曲が流れてきたそうです。すっごいナイス〜! 本当にありがとうございました〜!!これから進化して、もっと深みのある歌を目指していきたいです。そしてドクターとしてもキャンサーの予防リサーチなどのチャリティーにも力を入れて行きたいです!

Tomorrow is my debut : Album Release Concert!

Aloha!  Happy Saturday!

Tomorrow will be a BIG day for me!  I will celebrate my album release concert!  as I posted on my website, featured in the show are amazing members! I worked with them last two years to craft my gem, ‘Swingin’ to the Sea”.

This will be my first concert that I will do the whole show myself, and I wish to share this to everyone.  The first time is very special. Starting from scratch and working to leader concert takes lots of work, but I did what I can.

PRACTICE, PERFORM, PROMOTE are the core of it, but more importantly, physical and mental preparedness is very important.

Jazz is a special genre of music. It has freedom of improvisation and it features everyone with their solos, and the music flows as we perform. We have basic arrangement, but the roadmap is primarily only chord and melody. Musicians listen to each other, play off of each other as they move along. There are moments everyone gets suddenly quiet together and there will be spontaneous magical moment can happen on the stage as a result of musical communication.

I am a little anxious as I do not have any intermediate experience. My first concert on the big stage will be with world class jazz artists and my mentors. My responsibility here is to learn and digest the arrangement, including chord, scale, rhythm, and how to deliver the message of the song and paint the picture of my interpretations. In my solo, I wish to develop the idea out of the momental inspiration and utilize the theoretical component of jazz and yet, freely say what I feel. I have been working on it last 2 years, and in my own level, it is now presentable.

When you listen to Ella, Sarah, and so many amazing jazz singers, they sounds so free, fun, and natural. Their musical ears and ability to pick up the right notes are so advance to the level that they can just do it effortlessly. I believe it is a combination of their genius level natural talent as well as experience and practice behind the scene.
My project is moving along!!  I was top 19th on wk of 6/2-6/8 at WUMR Memphis jazz station.  I also found ‘Roots music report’ on line, and found that I was 363th place last wk, but this wk I moved up to 288th.

It is hard to get the name out first time. I am doing what I can to move my project and my promotion team is working with me. I am learning a lot from this new experience and challenge and I am enjoying my musical journey, and more importantly, I look forward to seeing my friends and future fans at the concert!!


いよいよ明日、デビューALBUMリリースコンサートです! 6月23日、カールズバッドのシティーライブラリーの Ruby G, Schulman auditorium で午後2時半開場、3時開演です。




女性ジャズボーカル、とくに新人はプロモーションは難航するといわれていますが、わたしのALBUM、少しずつ頑張っています。メンフィスのWUMR Memphisでは、6月2−8日の週で19位にランクされました!奇跡的な一瞬でした。グーグルしてみつけたルーツミュージックっていうサイトでは先週363位でしたが、今週は288位になりました。トップ50とはまだほど遠いですが、でも作品を信じてパフォーマンスを続けていきたいです。

明日はその初めてのコンサート! 心をオープンにして、楽しく歌い、聴きにきてくださった皆様とお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。




Passed the Family Practice Board Recertification Exam!!

The last few months have been crazy for me. As I work, I was working on the final touch of the debut album, and was studying for my Family Practice Board Recertification Exam. Yesterday, I found that I passed the exam with very good score, especially I did well on topics related to my day to day patient care!  It is a blessing. Every patient I see gives me opportunity to serve and to learn!

I plan to continue practicing both medicine and music. I had a ” calling ” when I first decided to become a doctor, and I feel that this board certification and license to practice are given by greater power, and I do not take it lightly. This is the work that was given to me.

I just finished organizing all the charts for the concert!  Will start preparing for my debut concert!

Action-packed everyday!!



今日はポケベル当直終了! さっき仕事から帰って6月23日のデビューコンサートの楽譜をすべて綺麗に用意しました。 これから本格的な準備に入ります! レコーディングの時、アルバムを仕上げる段階で見つけた自分の新たな課題に取り組みます!来てくださる皆様に爽やかでハッピーな気持ちになっていただけるように心をこめて準備します!!


Secret of Green Tea


Since, I am a healthy eating guru from Asia, I wish to talk a little about our super healthy drink, green tea today.

I start my morning with a cup of quality green tea. It wakes me up gently and also makes me feel so relaxed.  Green tea came from china around early 800s and became popular among Samurais and nobilities in 1300s. Green tea has over 700 chemical such as Catechins, L-theanine, Saponin, and Chlorophils. It has anti-cancer and anti- inflammatory effect. It also lowers BP and cholesterol. It also aids relaxation. Two major flavors in the green tea are sweetness and bitterness. Sweetness comes from L-theanine and bitterness comes from catechin, saponin and caffeine.  L-theanine is more abundant in grade tea such as Gyokuro, Maccha, and Tencha(leave version of Maccha). Tea farmers make shades about 3 weeks prior to harvest to increase the level of L-theanine to make high grade tea leaves sweet and smooth. L-theanine passes Blood brain Barrier ( which means it goes to your brain) and lead you to relaxed, alert, and yet calm state of mind. Since L-theanine infuses more in lower temperature, I usually make my morning tea with about 122 degree ( 50 centigrade degree) and enjoy sweet flavor with bright green color first, then pour higher temperature water for second infusion to enjoy slightly bitter-taste of Catechin, Saponin, and Caffeine which infuses in about 170 degree ( 80 centigrade degree).  I also begin putting lemon or lime in the second to third infusion to enjoy different flavor.  When I really need warmth and energy, I drop few pieces of chopped ginger in it.

I put my green tea in my thermo and take it to my work every morning.  My favorite is Green tea with lime.  When I initially tried these combo, I was so surprised how each flavors compliment perfectly. If you never tried this way, you should!  Green tea with lime has very sophisticated taste..





みなさんも試してみてくださいね!!! おすすめです!greentea